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Menorquina Santorini Blue Flat



With Menorquina Santorini Blue Flat, HANDMADE® brings you an ethically-made version of this famously comfortable Mediterranean sandal. Handmade by artisans in Menorca, these flat colourful sandals have the geographic authenticity of real Menorca Sandals. Made with ethically sourced leather, they are durable, and lightweight. The classic way, with the natural leather sole, no extras, just the basic, old school way to make this Menorca sandals. Being minimalistic, they can be worn very casually at beach or by the pool, or elegantly with a dress or tight jeans.

  • sheepskin leather interior is soft and anti-sweat
  • waterproof cow leather upper
  • flexible and resistant natural leather sole
  • lightweight colourful leather sandal
  • hand made sustainable fashion
  • summer sandal

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