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Disposable Palm Leaf Plates 10" Round, 3 Compartments, 25 Pack

  • PLANT BASED & PLANET FRIENDLY: Our plates are made with 100% natural palm leafs. Unlike paper plates or bamboo plates, these are not harvested, but collected from naturally fallen leaves. Hence the reason for the different colors and patterns along with natural ridges and grooves.
  • CHEMICAL FREE & NATURAL: We collect naturally fallen high quality palm leafs, steam-press them after washing thoroughly so rest assured that these plates are completely natural and chemical free to use.
  • 3 COMPARTMENTS: First of a kind leaf plates with compartments that help with organizing the food making it easy for guests and yourself. We only select sturdy and premium quality leafs that gives us unique ability to create compartments.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & FOOD GRADE: Our palm leaf plates are sturdy and made from high quality food grade naturally fallen palm leafs. These do not bend or deform under heavy weight or heat unlike plastic or paper plates.

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